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Category: Professional Services  >  Coaching/Training

Member Name Contact Name Office Telephone E-mail
Adolescent and Family Counseling  Pasquale Sargiotto, M.Ed., LCADC, LPC  908-359-7107  
American Tutor, Inc.  James M. Wegeler  908-281-0050  
Enhanced Learning Skills for Kids  Colleen Bain  908-281-4581 (Home)  
Living at Peace, LLC  Sharon Silverstein  908-431-9904   
LYNN Academy of Irish Dance & Youth Fitness  Maureen J. Collins-Novaco, TCRG  908-432-5469  
Make Sit Happen Dog Obedience  Gail Kulur  908-359-9228  
MMPHASE2 LLC  Maqsood Mamawala  908-809-8913  
N-R-G Coaching Associates - "The Priority Pro"  Natalie Gahrmann  908-281-7098  
SWOT Management Group  Bill Brandt  908-359-7968