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Enhanced Learning Skills for Kids

Address: 17 Runyon Street
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Mailing Address: Same as above
Year Established: 2004
Contact: Colleen Bain
Title: Sole Proprietor

Phone: 908-281-4581 (Home)
Cell Phone: 908-285-8352


Member Profile: PACE is a proprietary process that is providing breakthrough results for learning challenged students across the country.

What it does - PACE develops underlying processing skills critical to learning, including auditory and visual processing, attention, processing speed, phonemic awareness, logic and reasoning, and memory, through fun, but intensive activities that are done one-to-one with students. 

Master the Code helps students develop an understanding of the code of the language, and bring reading and spelling skills to an automatic level.  The program develops phonemic awareness, visual awareness for words, and an understanding of the phonetic code of the language.

Why use it - The program has proven to be extremely helpful for students of all ages with learning disabilities, as well as with students who want to be more efficient, get better grades, etc. PACE is a EXCELLENT way to make maximum impact on a large number of critical learning skills in a short period of time.

What is great about the program - It's fun, well-planned, and has everything needed in one organized system. Students and families love the success!

Together, these programs take the best research available and combine the elements to provide a fun, effective and measurable program.

Business Owner: Colleen Bain
Owner Title: Sole Proprietor
Owner Email: