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Address: 408 Bigley Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Mailing Address: 408 Bigley Road
Year Established: 2016
Contact: Maqsood Mamawala
Title: Founder & Owner

Phone: 908-809-8913
Cell Phone: 908-809-8913


What's New: Maqsood, M2 wants to help you and your practice get better -- faster.

My focus is helping others to quickly improve their prioritized skills and competencies – to become more effective and efficient in achieving their specific goals.

I strive to assure that the individuals and teams with whom I work have the people, processes and systems in place in order to implement their objectives. I achieve this by placing a premium on identifying and building relationships and by assisting them to collaborate with appropriate experts who can provide necessary support, tools and resources.
I am committed to increasing my clients’ awareness in using the power of diversity to intentionally reach new and different markets -- both to which and from which -- to sell and recruit, thus assisting them to dramatically increase productivity by better mirroring their local marketplace.
My passions include coaching, volunteering and participating in multicultural music and activities.
I look forward to further expanding my networks and perspectives, connecting with colleagues via LinkedIn. (
I can also be reached at or (908) 809-8913.

Member Profile:

Maqsood S. Mamawala, MBA, CLU, ChFC
Executive Coach | Strategic Planner | Performance Consultant  

                 Helping you to reach your 'next phase'!    

Business Owner: Maqsood Mamawala
Owner Title: Founder & Owner
Owner Email: