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Tutoring Center, The

Address: Hillsborough Centre
649 Route 206 North
Unit 4
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
Mailing Address: Same as above
Year Established: 2010
Contact: Kavita Desai
Title: Center Director

Phone: 908-829-4253
Cell Phone: 908-420-7688


What's New: The Tutoring Center specializes in 1:1 instruction in the areas of Reading, Writing and Math. We also offer courses in SAT/ACT test prep, Advanced Placement Math, Courses for children with special needs and enrichment courses.

Call our center at 908-829-4253 to schedule your FREE Diagnostic Assessment.

Member Profile: THE TUTORING CENTER uses a unique system of one-to-one instruction combined with "The Rotational Approach to LearningTM."
"Rotational Approach to LearningTM" combined with The Tutoring Center
System (patent pending) of Individualized One-to-One InstructionTM can
truly help our children develop skills that will last a lifetime. We
feel strongly that in today's competitive academic environment, every
child requires some form of outside academic assistance - whether they
are having difficulty or excelling in the classroom. But most
importantly, the earlier our children get started with The Tutoring
Center, the more they will excel. When parents enroll their children
with us they'll help turn their child's future from a day-to-day
challenge into a lifelong success story.

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Business Owner: Kavita Desai & Dhaval Desai
Owner Title: Owners
Owner Email: